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SEC Filings

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All SEC Filings
Filing Description Filing Type Filing Date Format
Proxy DEFA14A 1/11/2018
8-K 8-K 1/8/2018
Registrant filed a supplement to joint proxy statement or prospectus.
Prospectus 425 1/8/2018
Proxy DEFA14A 1/8/2018
Proxy DEFA14A 1/4/2018
Proxy DEFA14A 12/29/2017
Proxy DEFA14A 12/29/2017
Proxy DEFA14A 12/22/2017
Proxy DEFA14A 12/20/2017
8-K 8-K 12/15/2017
8-K filed by NorthStar RE Income II Inc covering Departure of Directors or Principal Officers; Election of Directors; Appointment of Principal Officers.
Proxy DEFA14A 12/15/2017
Proxy DEFA14A 12/15/2017
Proxy DEFA14A 12/14/2017
Proxy DEFA14A 12/7/2017
Proxy DEFA14A 12/7/2017
Proxy DEFM14A 12/6/2017
Proxy DEFA14A 12/6/2017
Prospectus 425 11/29/2017
8-K 8-K 11/21/2017
Registrant reported that on Nov. 20, certain parties entered into an amended and restated master combination agreement. The agreement and the investor presentation were included by exhibit.
Prospectus 425 11/21/2017

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